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MusicNewz - 10/15/12 - Email To: This Member or A Friend



Xbox Music vs. Spotify, iTunes, Etc.: Does Microsoft Have The Firepower And Features To Unseat The Kings?

Microsoft on Monday morning officially unveiled a promising new music service for PCs, tablets, laptops and the Xbox gaming console called Xbox Music. And in the grand tradition of late-night games of Risk, it appears to be taking on competitors from every direction possible.

With Xbox Music, Microsoft has rolled the dice and attacked -- all at once, cannons blazing, horses whinnying! -- all-you-can-eat streaming services like Spotify and Rdio, music recommendation services like Pandora, paid music download services like iTunes, and cloud locker services like Google Music and Amazon Cloud Drive.

It's an effort, Microsoft spokespeople have declared, to create the first truly all-in-one music service on the planet. Check out this chart, which Microsoft cooked up to show just exactly what they're attempting to accomplish: