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The Future Is Now With G.P.I.
The Global Patchbay Interlink!

How Far would you drive to a gig? 50 miles? 100? 1000? Up 'til now you've been severely limited by 1 thing - the 3D world. Well NOT ANY MORE! Thanks to the advent of digital technology the modern recording musician can tap into gigs he never thought possible before.

Patch Your Ax Into... - "The Global Patchbay Interlink"

Check out this scenario...

You're in LA. You get a note on E-Mail from Jacques P., a record producer. He's in France. Jacques says that he saw you're listing in the "M.Y.P."(c) After reading your bio, he decided that you would be the perfect player for his upcoming project. You E-Mail back to him that you're very interested. Since he noticed that you have access to digital technology (ADAT/Tascam) then there is no problem that you live 3000 miles away from each other. You agree on a price for 3 songs.

Jacques suggests how the process will work. First he will send you copies of the songs.(no need to send risky masters). You mention that you only have 1 machine. He says - no problem, and that he will make a slave copy with the band on tracks 1&2 and the vocal on 3. When you get the tape, you might spend some time getting the feel and when you're ready - put down a track or 2.

When you think you've got something good. Then it's time for the next step. It's time to play it for Jacques. How? Simple. Just dial him up on the I.P. (internet phone) and play it to him! All for the price of a Local Phone Call! Or maybe just maybe, you'll make the jump out of Hyper-Space and call him, ('cause you think it sounds a little better,) on the real phone! (Only because you just got a new hot piece of gear - the XB-11001 plugged in and it sounds great!)

HE LOVES IT! (Thank God). Everything sounds great! Jacques's only suggestion is that you redo the fade and get a little crazier. Have more fun with it. You say that's fine and that you'll call him back in a few minutes, when you're done recording.

You hang up. You roll up to the fade, turn the XB-11001 up to 11, (it was only on 10 before) and punch in with the foot pedal. WowWee am I having fun now! He's gonna LoVe this!

After a while you come to notice that you were having sooo! much fun that you kept playing right past the fade and now you're half way into the next song. OK, maybe it's time to stop. You wonder if all that sweat that dripped on to the XB-11001 will hurt the finish. Na!

You call him back. YOU WERE RIGHT! He loves it. Jacques compliments you on that great new sound you got. You humbly thank him and say it was nothing.

Jacques mentions that it might be a good idea to make a digital backup copy of your work in case something goes wrong with the mail. Since you only have 1 machine you'll have to borrow one from your buddy down the street, in order to do the transfer. When Jacques gets your tapes he'll be able to transfer your parts into his master by doing a digital bounce and you will stay virtually in 1st generation!

Jacques says that this process was so painless that he'd love to do again on the next project. He's got a lot more work for you! He tells you that he will send you a check tomorrow as you mail him back the tapes. (Of course, since this is your 1st time working for him you might want to hold the tapes 'til the check clears.). All in all - A Job Well Done!

If you already have access to the gear, then your ready to plug into the Global Patchbay Interlink. Just sign up for it on the update page and you're name will be added to the list of G.P.I. Musicians!