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"The Professional Musicians Music Network"

MuseNet - A Helping Hand For Musicians

Reprinted with permission from "The Score" Magazine Vol.X Number 2 - 1995
by Lori Barth

"MuseNet was born out of the idea that professional working musicians on the internet might want to contact each other". So says MuseNet Founder Dave Boruff.

"MuseNet" is a new contact organization (started early this year) for professional musicians who have an E-Mail address.

* The Musicians Network Group known as "MuseNet" presently informs it's members of music related subjects on the info highway, sends & receives E-mail about local music events, equipment sales etc. and has it's own occasional private AOL chat room.

"Where I see MuseNet going in the near future" says Dave, "is to act as an Internet funnel for music related info. The sheer amount of available data on the internet is so vast that even the best "surfers" can get overwhelmed. Just trying to keep current can keep you cyber-swimming for hours. Many modern professional musicians don't have a lot of time to devote to "surfing" and that's where MuseNet comes in. It might among other things function as as a business directory, contact service and classified ads etc. all for Music related activities."


David Boruff
Founder / MuseNet
Valley Village, CA 91607

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